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Courtesy of American Martyrs Catholic Community, Manhattan Beach, CA. Used with permission. All rights reserved. In the month of July there are a lot of observances associated with family that are both secular and sacred. From Cousins Day to Uncles and Aunts Day on the secular side to the sacred feast of Sts. Anne and…

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Dear Young Family at Sunday Mass

There are so many times I wanted to stop and say the same thing to young families sitting in front of us at church! This blog is a great stop and think moment! It is up to us to encourage families through their spiritual journey.
To the young family who sat in front of us at Sunday Mass, this is for you. You made me smile as I was reminded of what Mass with young children is all about. How old are your three beautiful children: six, three, two? Yes, you do have your hands full. You arrived promptly and…

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Sophia Institute: Overcoming Sinful Anger

I have discussed with many families the issue of anger. This book has great reviews and taking any of the steps can only improve a persons outlook and turn their angry ways around. This is one for the bookshelf and it’s in ebook too.

Overcoming Sinful Anger

Sophia Institute: Overcoming Sinful Anger.

When St. Jane Francis de Chantal encouraged St. Francis de Sales to be a bit angrier over the opposition they were facing in starting their religious order, he replied, “Would you have me lose in a quarter hour what has taken me twenty years’ hard work to acquire?

St. Francis de Sales had quite a temper when he was young. But over time he learned to convert his angry feelings into virtuous action. He knew that anger never leads to happiness. Worse, it causes tremendous harm to our relationship with God.

In these pages, the wise Fr. Morrow shows you how to pull the rug out from beneath your anger and reclaim a life of peace and grace. You’ll come to understand the root causes of angry behavior, ways to heal painful memories, and how to deal well with your hurts and humiliations.

You’re not likely to overcome blowups and anxiety through willpower alone. You need tools that help you cultivate the habits that lead to virtuous action. You’ll discover here simple ways to influence your behavior, control your impulses, and rebuild tattered relationships.

When you follow the simple advice offered in these pages, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’re giving up all desire for revenge, forgiving those who hurt you, and finding peace in your life. You’ll also learn:


  • The difference between righteous and sinful anger.
  • Why saying “Well, that’s just the way I am” could cost you your soul.
  • The three root causes of every angry outburst
  • The five stages of healing hurtful memories.
  • How to discipline an angry child
  • The three actions every Christian MUST take to overcome sinful anger.

“Father Morrow presents a practical solution to a common problem. This book can make the world a much better place.”
Mike Aquilina



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What Would You Do if Jesus Came to Visit? |

"Jesus?" by Isaac Torrontera (2012) via Flickr, CC By-NC-SA 2.0

I love the concept of this article. It would be a great children’s book! If we carried this image with us each day, think how it would change our world. Each day we can put Jesus right there as we make our daily decisions. Yes, he is already right here and we can ponder “What would Jesus think” just like the motto several years ago “What would Jesus do”. Thinking about his reaction to today and our lives only brings him closer and deeper into our heart and soul. Enjoy this read.

What Would You Do if Jesus Came to Visit? |

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The Eucharist: The Body of Christ? Reflection for Corpus Christi

My husband and I were just discussing transubstantiation and how do you explain it to non-Catholics in this time of new evangelization. This blog has an excellent explanation with church doctrine to guide you.
“Christ Institutes the Eucharist” by Lawrence OP (Detail from a mosaic in St Salvators Chapel in St Andrews), 2013, via Flickr, CC by NC-ND 2.0. All rights reserved. Readings for June 7: Corpus Christi   The Catholic Church teaches the doctrine of transubstantiation, namely, that in the Eucharist, the communion wafer and the altar…

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Putting On the Armor of God

Hard subject yet important to bring to light.

parenting beyond the pew

New book out on Amazon Putting On the Armor of God.

When we live in the Truth of God and his will, we are surrounded by abundant love.

We are given the tools such as: The Belt of Truth or The Shield of Faith, to stand strong against the evil forces and lies.

In Ephesians 6:10-18 we prepare ourselves for the battle from the words of St. Paul to the Ephesians.

Putting On the Armor of God is a great book for families to read together. Alongside with The Bible, parents can discuss each tool and what it means to them. The back of the book gives activities to incorporate each tool. You can even add your own fun ways to reinforce the Armor of God.

Great book for Bible study and PRE classes.

To purchase you can go to Amazon or click this link.

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