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The power of a Moms prayers

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Many times I have been brought to my knees on issues surrounding my children. Somehow the spiritual side gets turned off and Mommy mode takes over. When in reality, it should be opposite. My daughter, who is now 26, had been in a bad relationship. I had to totally put it in the Lord’s hands. I couldn’t understand it, let alone anyone around the situation. Seeking advice from Priests they would tell me to pray. One priest said that the power of a Mom’s prayers were strong and to ask for Mother Mary’s help. From that moment on I grew in my love for Mary along with the plea’s that came from my heart. I did not see an end to my daughters relationship, but focused on my faith in God and the intercession of Mary. That was about two years ago. Within a blink of an eye, prayers were answered and I humbly fell to my knees in praise and thanksgiving. Today my daughter is engaged to a wonderful man who shares her Catholic faith and now I share with so many that it is truly an answer to a Mom’s prayers. God bless each of you as you struggle. Place your cares in the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 

Author: parentingbeyondthepew

I am a cradle Catholic happily married and the mother of two grown kids. I am passionate on helping and guiding any parents needing support and advice with for over 26 years in parenting education. I am an Academy for Coaching Parents and Families certified parent coach. I am now employed as a Family Involvement Specialist in Colorado.

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