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First Day of School

Mom’s, I can hear your cries. Your child is heading to school for the first time. Its first day of school and your heart is breaking. It seems like just yesterday you gave birth to this precious child. No one prepared you for this day and little did you know it would be such a strong milestone in yours and their life. I remember when my oldest had her first day of kindergarten. There she was in line single file ready to march into her classroom. I, along with other Mom’s, stood back and held each other from running up to stop them or save them from whatever the unknown was. As tears crept out, I was totally shocked that this emotion was so strong. After the door closed and we were left with our insecure feelings, we all proceeded to leave the fenced in playground area comforting each other. I reached my car climbed in and was getting ready to drive off when it suddenly hit me. I have another child and I left him in the playground. OOPs! So,we all make it through that tough day. There are some ways to make it even more special for the whole family.

Let younger siblings draw a picture to give the new student when they get home from school.

Set up a schedule for the school kid on the fridge so they can begin the routine right away. Add stickers and color to make it look fun.

Allow down time from the moment they get home from school. Frustration builds during the day and you or their sibling will be the first target to release that frustration. Calm music, a long hug on the couch, a listening ear, a snack, and a surprise note on their pillow from Mom and Dad just because will help. Adding to much right after school is asking for disaster for the new schooler’.

Remember God has placed his special child in our care. Say a quick prayer every morning as they head out the door and a prayer of thanksgiving when they arrive back home. Let God know you got it covered.

Father of all mercies
We ask that you would bless
the youngest and littlest of learners,
the most helpless and powerless of persons,
with Your infinite and loving mercy,
granting them the strength to learn, concentrate,
and act in love towards
their teachers and fellow students.
We also ask that You would watch over them,
at home and at school
and give them proper direction
so that they may learn
of Your wonderful virtues.
We ask this in the name of Your Son
, Jesus Christ.  Amen
 Prayer by David Bennett

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