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Books By Marti Genge

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Fun, educational and interactive My Catholic Faith Picture Book A-Z is a great companion for church and home. Now your little one can become familiar with the surroundings of the Catholic faith. Inside back cover has great activities to inspire, incorporate, and teach what makes up the Catholic Church.

Besides the images of the Catholic faith, you also have the alphabet, colors and shapes in which to use as a teaching tool. Start at any young age to let them become familiar. As they grow older the book will become a reference for their faith.

The Activities are an added delight. For example, the letter U with the image representing Unity is a fun page. Take an image from the collage and find it somewhere else in the book .

Catholic home school moms, PRE facilitators, Moms clubs, Pre-K and K teachers, and parish Priests, just to name a few love the book:
My Catholic Faith Picture Book A-Z.   $10.95


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or from Amazon with discounts.

When we live in the Truth of God and his will, we are surrounded by abundant love.

 We are given the tools such as: The Belt of Truth or The Shield of Faith, to stand strong against the evil forces and lies. 

In Ephesians 6:10-18 we prepare ourselves for the battle from the words of  St. Paul to the Ephesians.

Putting On the Armor Of God is a great book for families to read together. Along side with The Bible, parents can discuss each tool and what it means to them.

The back of the book gives activities to incorporate each tool. You can even add your own fun ways to reinforce the Armor  of God.

Great book for BibleStudy and PRE classes. $10.95




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