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The Catholic Gentleman

This is a well written article on a Catholic Dad. Good advise and wisdom.

The Catholic Gentleman.


I’m Just Like You, Daddy


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The Day I Went into Battle —

How many times do we experience this attach and surrender to the weight instead of giving it to God and dwell in his love.

The Day I Went into Battle —

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Putting On the Armor of God

New book out on Amazon Putting On the Armor of God.

When we live in the Truth of God and his will, we are surrounded by abundant love.

We are given the tools such as: The Belt of Truth or The Shield of Faith, to stand strong against the evil forces and lies.

In Ephesians 6:10-18 we prepare ourselves for the battle from the words of St. Paul to the Ephesians.

Putting On the Armor of God is a great book for families to read together. Alongside with The Bible, parents can discuss each tool and what it means to them. The back of the book gives activities to incorporate each tool. You can even add your own fun ways to reinforce the Armor of God.

Great book for Bible study and PRE classes.

To purchase you can go to Amazon or click this link.