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The New, the Old and what now?

We as Catholic’s are so blessed to have our new Pope Francis. As many have said, he is already showing us by example humility. As if we hadn’t already been given that demonstration by Pope Emeritus Benedict’s stepping down to go in seclusion and pray for us. So we have the old and the new now what? We are still in Lent and expect the gifts to come with the Risen Lord. Yet this Lenten time is also a learning time to help us get closer to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Pride is an ugly thing when you witness it. Pride is the opposite of humility. Look to yourself and see if you have any pride going on that is affecting your family. Ask yourself ‘Do I always have to be right?’ ‘Do I feel I have to be understood?’ Do I think I am better than others?’ Do I want approval of others first?’ Do I put my needs above Our Heavenly Fathers?’ If we begin here to look at pride in our home, we begin to mend and heal that which is not of God. Even thought this Lent is almost over, as we accept the old and welcome the new, let’s remove the pride that exists within so that we can humble ourselves before the LordImage.